Personal development group integrating meditation, mindfulness and therapeutic group process




This personal development group for English speaking participants meets once a week in central Oslo. The purpose of the group is twofold:

– To help each member develop and sustain an ongoing meditation practice in their daily life, and to integrate the benefits of this practice in their functioning and interpersonal relating

– To create a safe and supportive group environment for each member to deepen their understanding of themselves and to achieve a greater sense of freedom and wellbeing through participating in a therapeutic group inquiry process


Why group?

Relationships are the basic building blocks of our lives. Our personality is formed out of the early relationships in our family and upbringing, and our current lives are to a large extent influenced by the relationships we take part in: at work, with family, friends and intimate partners. The recurring problems and patterns we get stuck in, if not themselves directly relational, usually have relational underpinnings.

This group will function as a relational laboratory, where we can explore and understand our relational patterns in vivo and experiment with new ways of being and interacting. This gives us an opportunity both for deeper insight into ourselves and also genuine pathways to freedom from patterns we feel stuck in.

This unique potential of working in a group is not available in one-on-one work. It is also something that makes many of us apprehensive of joining a work group. We will seek to foster an atmosphere of mutual trust, openness and compassion in the group to lower the experience of anxiety. Every member is bound by an agreement of confidentiality.


Why meditation?

Meditation on its own has many positive effects on body and mind. It relieves stress and increases concentration. It enhances the sense of presence in the here and now, and yet at the same time makes it easier to dis-identify from painful or frightening feelings and thoughts. It is a direct path to closer contact with our more authentic and true self.

At the same time, meditation and the practice of mindfulness enhances the therapeutic process in the group. As we become more internally quiet and aware through meditation we come to notice more subtle processes in ourselves and in our interactions with others in the group. This can then open us to insights and realizations that would otherwise escape us. The potential for change and growth is thus strengthened.


Format and structure

The group meets weekly for 1h and 45mins and consists of at most 8-9 members.

We start with 25 minutes of guided silent meditation.

Then the space is open for each member to bring in whatever issues, observations and reflections they want, from outside or inside the group. We will seek to create a free-flowing, open and honest group discussion that integrates themes from current relationships outside the group, our past history and the current dynamic between the members in the group.

The group is «slow-open», which means new members join the group as old ones leave.

Click here to read a more detailed description of the work in the group.


Practical information

The group meets on Mondays from 5pm to 6:45pm.

The cost of the group is 300 kr per session.

Before joining the group you will be invited to 2-3 individual sessions to clarify your motivation for wanting to join the group, to articulate some of the patterns and problem areas you want to work on, and to assess whether this kind of group work is the appropriate format for you. These preparatory sessions have the regular price of an individual session.

The group is led by Gunnar Gjermundsen, clinical psychologist and meditation teacher.


Questions and signing up

Use the contact form below if you would like to apply to be part of this group or simply if you have questions:

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    The group is on-going and there is at the moment space available for new members.

    Contact us if you want to apply to be part of the group or have any questions.

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